RM Assets Ltd is a company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 09058416, whose registered office is at The Royal Mint, Llantrisant, Pontyclun, CF72 8YT.

RM Assets Ltd is 100% owned by The Royal Mint Limited, which is 100% owned by The Royal Mint Trading Fund. The Royal Mint Trading Fund is 100% owned by Her Majesty’s Treasury. RM Assets Ltd is the company which intends to issue RMG.

The RMG web pages are contained on The Royal Mint Limited’s website at www.royalmint.com however the RMG web pages are being published by RM Assets Ltd, not The Royal Mint Limited.

The RMG web pages do not constitute an offer or invitation in respect of the purchase of RMG. If RM Assets Ltd should in the future arrange for the creation and issuance of RMG, any such arrangements would be subject to detailed legal terms and conditions that would supersede any information set out in the RMG web pages.

The information in the RMG web pages, which does not purport to be comprehensive, has been provided by RM Assets Ltd and has not been independently verified. While the RMG web pages have been prepared in good faith, no representation, warranty, assurance or undertaking (express or implied) is or will be made, and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by RM Assets Ltd or by its officers, employees or agents in relation to the adequacy, accuracy, completeness or reasonableness of the RMG web pages, or of any other information (whether written or oral), notice or document supplied or otherwise made available to any interested party or its advisers in connection with the possible purchase of RMG.

All and any such responsibility and liability is expressly disclaimed. The website user acknowledges and agrees that no person has, nor is held out as having, any authority to give any statement, warranty, representation, assurance or undertaking on behalf of RM Assets Ltd in connection with the purchase of RMG. No information contained herein constitutes investment, tax, legal or other advice. Any website users of the RMG web pages should take independent professional advice in relation to these matters.

No information set out or referred to in the RMG web pages shall form the basis of any contract. Any prospective purchaser of RMG shall be required to enter into a legally binding agreement acknowledging that it has not relied on, or been induced to enter into such an agreement by, any representation, warranty, assurance or undertaking save as expressly set out in that agreement.

The RMG web pages has been delivered to interested parties for information only and on the express understanding that they shall use it only as specifically authorised by RM Assets Ltd. RM Assets Ltd gives no undertaking to provide the website user with access to any additional information or to update the RMG web pages or any additional information, or to correct any inaccuracies in it which may become apparent.

RM Assets Ltd reserves the right, without giving reasons, at any time and in any respect, to amend or terminate the procedure for the issuance of RMG.

The issue of the RMG web pages shall not be deemed to be any form of commitment on the part of RM Assets Ltd (or any other person) to proceed with the issuance of RMG or any other transaction.

The RMG web pages are intended to be reviewed by those persons who are UK resident only. It is not aimed at persons who are residents of any other country.

Within the UK, RMG will not be financial instruments or investments for the purposes of financial services regulation and RM Assets Ltd is not regulated or authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to offer regulated financial services or products.

Any persons who review the RMG web pages who are not resident in the UK must not rely upon them and are requested to ignore their contents as they are not relevant to those persons.

By accepting the RMG web pages, the website user agrees to be bound by the foregoing limitations.