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Royal Mint Gold (RMG) is the name given to a new gold investment product that will be provided by The Royal Mint. This product is real gold, stored in The Royal Mint vault, traded on a digital trading platform provided by CME Group. RMG will not be sold by The Royal Mint to consumers directly but instead will be available to investors through third party investment intermediaries such as banks and brokers.
The Royal Mint is looking to work with trusted partners to change the course of gold trading. We are now inviting investment intermediaries to participate in this opportunity to provide a unique gold investment to their clients.
RMG will officially launch via our trusted partners towards the end of 2017.
Yes. One RMG represents ownership of 1g of fine gold stored securely within The Royal Mint vault, held on an allocated basis where investors own and have full title to their gold holdings. RMG can be redeemed for physical gold bars and coins produced by The Royal Mint, with physical delivery. Fabrication and delivery fees apply.
The physical gold is held in The Royal Mint vault, a highly secure, on-site bullion storage facility. RMG in issuance will be reconciled on a daily basis by The Royal Mint. It will be physically inspected and certified by independent auditors at least once every six months. KPMG are our appointed internal auditors and via a risk based approach perform internal audit procedures over the activities of the organisation. PwC are our appointed external auditors. RMG can be redeemed for physical gold bars and coins produced by The Royal Mint, with physical delivery.
The Royal Mint vault is the purpose built precious metal storage facility, built by The Royal Mint and located in our 35-acre site, the same site that is trusted by Royalty and Government to accommodate the production of Royal Mint Bullion, the coins of the United Kingdom and those for 60 countries worldwide. The Royal Mint vault combines over 1,000 years of experience in safeguarding the nation’s coinage with state-of-the-art security systems and protocols. The Royal Mint vault was built to Federal Standard 832 Class A in 1986 and is guarded by trained security staff who are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and who provide advice and guidance and report to our dedicated head of security.
The physical gold that the RMG in issue represent is held on an allocated basis in a secure vault and is owned by the RMG holders. The Royal Mint acts solely as custodian of the gold which can delivered to a RMG holder at his/her request. The Royal Mint has no claim on the gold.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) is the largest, most diverse derivatives marketplace in the world, handling, on average, 3 billion contracts worth approximately $1 quadrillion annually. For more information visit the CME Group website, here.
Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions multiple times across a number of computers on multiple networks and locations. Each transaction is securely chained to the previous one with a digital fingerprint that guards against data disruption or even fraud. Cryptographic signatures limit who can process these transactions or alter the data.
Prova™ is an open-source distributed ledger for trading a commodity or digitized asset. It combines the transparent ownership, reduced costs, and global access of blockchain with the governance and safety-rails required by financial institutions and investors.
CME Group built the trading platform in conjunction with AlphaPoint. AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that powers digital asset networks and provides institutions a Distributed Ledger Platform to digitize assets, launch and operate markets, and manage any asset’s full lifecycle with blockchain technology. For more information visit the AlphaPoint website, here.
BitGo is the leading platform and security solutions provider for blockchain technologies globally. CME Group selected BitGo to architect the RMG blockchain, and has been developing the project in partnership with The Royal Mint and CME Group since 2016. For more information visit the BitGo website, here.
Everyone is free to view the blockchain. A publicly viewable blockchain means anyone may check that the total amount of RMG in issue is in line with the audited RMG vault holdings. Real world identities however are not public. Transactions on the blockchain are sent between blockchain 'addresses' (long strings of random numbers) and it is at the discretion of the RMG owner whether to declare their own addresses publicly or not. The blockchain may be viewed through the public RMG BlockExplorer website www.provachain.com, by downloading and running your own full node here, or by applying to The Royal Mint to become a validating partner here.
Developers, businesses and researchers can now access, evaluate and test the code by visiting here.
All businesses face challenges whether from technology, competition or time. The Royal Mint has been in business for over 1,100 years and it has done so by being innovative and relevant in what it does. We have been trading gold throughout our history and we see RMG as complementing our existing bullion products.

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