How RMG works

RMG will offer a secure method for electronically investing in and trading gold using blockchain technology.

The Trading Platform – Partnering with CME Group

The Royal Mint, the world’s leading export mint, and CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, have partnered to offer this trading opportunity via CME Group’s trading platform. Both The Royal Mint and CME Group are synonymous with integrity and accuracy and both are committed to innovation and security, using a blockchain ledger to record all RMG transactions.

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the trading platform
How blockchain works

What is Blockchain Technology?

Instead of using a single database to record transactions, blockchains are identical ledgers copied across a number of computers on multiple networks and locations. Each transaction is securely chained to the previous one with a digital fingerprint that guards against data disruption and fraud.
Cryptographic signatures limit who can process these transactions or alter the data.

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developer coding

Blockchain for Developers

We have made parts of our blockchain ledger available to test by developers, businesses and researchers.

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We are inviting investment intermediaries to participate.
If you’d like to join us and offer your clients a new way to invest in gold, please get in touch.

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