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World Gold Council – Gold Demand Trends Q2 2017

On Thursday August 3rd, the World Gold Council released its quarterly demand trends...

08 August 2017


How Blockchain is disrupting the finance industry

Blockchain has been dubbed as the "future of financial services". And it’s becoming...

24 July 2017


Why is there so much hype surrounding Blockchain

In 2008, a white paper was published under the mysterious pseudonym of Satoshi...

23 July 2017


Distributed Ledger Technology

Among the most anticipated features of Royal Mint Gold (RMG®) - the revolutionary digital...

8 June 2017


What are the experts predicting for FinTech?

The future looks bright for FinTech, and in particular, for blockchain, the ledger...

19 May 2017


World Gold Council - Gold Demand Trends 2017

On Thursday May 4th, the World Gold Council published its quarterly demand and...

25 May 2017


The US dollar and gold

The price of gold can be influenced by several factors including changes...

5 May 2017


Allocated vs unallocated, physical vs digital gold

For a gold investor, the decision-making doesn’t end once you purchase...

27 May 2017


Gold: the safe haven asset

Financial markets remain steeped in uncertainty. Brexit, upcoming elections in France, Germany...

19 April 2017

gold bullion

Investing in gold – what are my options?

For thousands of years, gold has been among the world’s most famous and important metals...

13 April 2017

gold bullion

How Blockchain is Changing Gold Markets

The Royal Mint and CME Group team up to create a new digital gold product. The RMG...

11 April 2017

gold price chart

What can history tell us about when to invest in gold?

Since the early 1970s, when the U.S. completely abandoned the gold standard – that is, the...

31 March 2017

bitcoin value chart

Bitcoin beats the value of gold for the first time, but which should you invest in?

On March 3rd 2017, markets were abuzz with the news that for the first time, the value of...

31 March 2017

gold bullion

Can investing in gold really be any cheaper?

Investing in gold can often prove to be a lucrative decision. The yellow metal has been...

27 March 2017

gold performance chart

Historically how has gold performed?

With double-digit gains returning in 2016 following four relatively lacklustre years, gold...

24 March 2017


How is FinTech changing the way we invest?

If you’re in any way familiar with financial services, then it’s likely that you’ve heard...

28 February 2017

gold coint

What does 2017 have in store for gold?

In our previous article, we looked back on the last 12 months and reviewed the performance...

24 February 2017

blockchain diagram

Market Review: Blockchain in 2016

Blockchain technology may have been around for almost a decade, but it has only recently...

9 February 2017

gold review chart

Market Review: Gold in 2016

We recently announced the launch of Royal Mint Gold, a collaboration which will...

30 January 2017


How “the world’s oldest challenger brand” is leading the way in FinTech

In November 2016, The Royal Mint announced the launch of Royal Mint Gold (RMG), a new...

20 January 2017

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