Why RMG?

RMG combines direct ownership with the efficient price discovery and trade execution offered on a trading platform. These features, coupled with zero on-going annual management or storage fees, set RMG apart from other gold-based investments.

Higher Return on Investment

This chart compares the value of a hypothetical investment of one thousand US dollars ($1,000) in RMG vs. a gold bullion security ETF as of January 2007. The traditional gold ETF is assumed to charge an average 0.4% annual storage and management fee. Over time, these fees for the ETF add up, giving an investment in RMG a projected higher return than physical gold. The additional RMG return is shown as a percentage of the initial investment.

Higher return on investment chart

Why Choose RMG?

The table compares features of RMG and other gold investments, such as Gold ETFs and physical gold bars.

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Benefits of RMG

RMG is offered in a landmark partnership between the world’s leading export mint, The Royal Mint, and CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace.


Cost of Ownership

Fees can add up and eliminating them can make a difference to your return on investment. RMG will have no on-going management or storage fees and efficient price discovery through a digital trading platform, providing one of the lowest cost and most flexible forms of direct gold ownership.



The physical gold that the RMG in issue represent will be held in The Royal Mint vault, a highly secure, on-site bullion storage facilities. The gold will be reconciled daily by The Royal Mint and will be physically inspected and certified by independent auditors at least every six months.

gold bullion

Direct Ownership

One RMG represents ownership of 1g of fine gold, stored securely within The Royal Mint vault and held on a fully allocated basis, where investors own, and have full title to, their gold holdings at all times. RMG can be redeemed for physical gold bars and coins, produced by The Royal Mint and delivered to investors if desired.

trading platform


The price of RMG will be closely tied to the spot price of gold but with the potential to trade at a premium. The Royal Mint will actively manage the investment opportunity and endeavour to buy back any RMG if the trading price falls below the spot price of gold for more than 24 hours.

trading floor

Transparent Trading

Investors can trade RMG with real-time pricing during trading hours, at prices determined by supply and demand in the secondary market. The cost-structure will be fully transparent, with public, real-time pricing allowing investors to trade based on the same data, which helps reduce price volatility.


Limited Issue

A set amount of RMG will be released through the initial offering and we have clear policies about any further issuance or redemption. With our commitment to the market, we will support premium pricing through buying demand and provide investment managers with a stable, known and controlled base of gold in which to invest.

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